Review: CSS Visual Dictionary

I was on twitter one day and saw a posting for a free copy of a visual CSS book. I’d been looking to update my skills and had a digital drawer full of css grid tutorials, but a book seemed like a much better way to learn this information.

As a former graphic designer, I’m a visual learner. I’ve been coding for over 10 years and I still confuse padding and margins, and have to look them up on google all the time. I llike WYSIWYG editors, but have transitioned to using Sublime just from ease of use. Still, editing CSS is a hassle for me without being able to see what I’m doing. Having a picture reference for these things is critical for efficiency for someone like me. It gives me a quick basic view of what each property looks like, so I can properly translate the image in my head to CSS.

If you liked HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites by Jon Duckett, consider this something like an updated version of the 7-year-old book. You can purchase CSS Visual Dictionary on Amazon below:

CSS Visual Dictionary
by Greg Sidelnikov

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