Off Galaxy – Part 1

Off Galaxy started as a far-fetched dream. A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t out yet, and I kept doubting my vision for a sci-fi troupe of women of color traipsing through distant galaxies. I decided to call this Android game “Off Galaxy” a nod to the traveling brown girl and the alt girl I identify as. I abandoned this project several times, telling myself it was too crazy, not good enough and wholly uninteresting. I was definitely wrong. 

Initial Character Sketches



I drew these characters, reminiscent of the chibi characters my sister loves, in Procreate. I wanted to create otherworldly representations of brown girls, strong in their truth. I really wanted a variety of hairstyles, which are often missing from games. Most of these women wear shades, classy effervescent ladies who thought nothing of leaving their home planet. I’ve decided to bring Off Galaxy back to life.

đŸ”—Sharing is CaringđŸ”—

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