Making My first Snapchat Filter

I love makeup and I’m obsessed with Snapchat lenses, so when Lens Studio first came out, I had to try it. Unfortunately, the documentation was a little too technical and tbh, scary looking. I couldn’t quite figure it out. Recently, I decided to revisit it and see what the latest incarnation looked like.

I did a little looking around and It’s actually really user friendly. I downloaded the kit and I decided to try to make a lense for the first time since photoshopping my face and projecting it back onto my own face.

I decided to replicate one of the hundreds of Pinterest looks I’ve saved, seen below.

Example I’m inspired by:

I took the Snapchat Facepaint Eye template into Procreate after poking around on Lens Studio. It seems that the filter options mirrored those on Photoshop, so I crafted layers with different color effects based on what effect I wanted. Many times Lenses and AR filters do not accommodate dark skin, so I wanted to be conscious of skin tone and contrast while creating. I opted to use more saturation and opacity vs desaturated blends, which gives a pasty or powdered effect. I tested this by removing all layers and judging the color’s saturation and the similarity to the example’s skin tone

I also crafted a highlight and under eye smudge using the Add and Multiply effects, respectively. I then took note of the filter settings that worked and transfer it all to Lens Studio.

A lot of my own makeup experience and Photoshop knowledge allowed me to eyeball these things. But even famed YouTuber and makeup artist Patrick Starr began his makeup career in Photoshop. And he’s painted mugs belonging to Kim K, Paris Hilton, and now is releasing his second collection with MAC Cosmetics. I suggest you try things and don’t be afraid to muck it up. The Undo button is only a click away.

My Creation on Snapchat’s template with opacity and filtered effects


So, I had a few issues with eye fit, seeing as I was inserting two different lenses. I added a highlight and tested this filter on different test skin tones and a few friends with deeper, darker hues. It’s very important to me that my filters work for a variety of people of deeper skin tones, since such filters rarely work for me. Nevertheless, here’s a link to my first Snachat Filter. If you prefer a snap code, I’ll update with a new one later.


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