How To Brand Your Website

Most businesses have key colors, a font or two and a brand-mark or logo. Most people focus on the logo, but branding your site is equally as important. Branding is an important part of any website. Your branding tells users what industry you are in, gives your brand a personality and most importantly: how much to pay for your products and services.

Use a Heading Font that Matches Your Logo.

If you used a great designer, you not only have multiple copies of your logo, but a copy of your licensed header font. Use this font in your website, if possible. If not, use Google Fonts to find a font that is close to it and embed it.


Use Brand Colors Wisely

Your entire site should not look like a Mardi Gras Geocities Page. Your brand colors should show up in a couple of key, strategic places. Think of an industry leader or a site you think of as a direct competitor. Visit that site and take note of how they use brand colors. Here are a few items that could use a splash of color:

  • Title Bar
  • Top Bar
  • Links
  • Footer
  • Insets

You should use 2-3 of these items per color, and utilize proper color contrast. Your text could be advertising the best sale ever, but if your users cannot read it… it doesn’t matter.


Use Similar Photos

Sometimes we take our own photos, sometimes we don’t. We all have camera phones, but we don’t always have time to take sickening photos, choose the best and properly edit them. That’s where stock photography comes in. Stock Photography is the fast food of the internet. And while we have many many options, sometimes it is difficult to discern which photos are best for our brand.

Choose a photo style and stick with it. Below are a few examples of photo styles using Apple MacBooks. Once you decide on a style, create images that complement one another.

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