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Make the best sandcastle  —Donald Glover

This is my first blog post in a really, really long time. I’ve had about 6 different websites in the past 6 months, but the branding never felt right. In fact, this post is from another failed website.  I’ve been building and tearing down and building… feeling quite unhappy with my stilted progress. Recently, I came across a quote from Mr. Donald Glover that I felt summed up the lesson I was learning: “Make the best sandcastle”. It’s not really a quote, but more of a sticker he put on his wall.

He [Glover] was feeling immense pressure to edit the show and promote it, make his next album, and finish work on “The Lion King,” along with an animated show he’s making for FX, “Deadpool.” Everyone was calling, texting, expecting. The next morning, after sleeping his customary four or five hours, he wrote a reminder in red ballpoint and posted it on the wall: “Make the best sand castle.” The goal wasn’t to please all the supplicants; the goal was to resist getting too comfortable.

The quote spoke to me. And so here, I will build the best sandcastles possible, knowing that they are impermanent but I will be better for it.

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